7 Key Questions To Be Asking During Exponential 2011

As Exponential 2011 approaches, how can you as a church leader be thinking from a church-based leadership development perspective?

We’ve compiled 7 key questions for leaders to be considering about the ideas, topics, and discussions that will be taking place before, during, and after the Exponential church planting conference.  As you listen to speakers at Exponential (or elsewhere), ask yourself these questions:

  1. What do they mean by “church?
  2. How do they treat the Pastoral Epistles?
  3. How do they picture Jesus?
  4. Where do they focus on leadership development?
  5. What do they mean by discipleship?
  6. What is the author’s intention for the passage being cited?
  7. What is the global significance of what is being said?

Leading up to Exponential 2011 on April 26-29, we will be expanding on one of these questions each day.  Even if you aren’t going to Exponential, we invite you to join in the conversation with us.

Ways to join the discussion:

Follow along here on the Antioch School blog.  Leave your comments and engage in the discussion!

Follow Steve Kemp on twitter for real-time updates during Exponential.