Exponential 2011: Key Question #1

Key Question #1: What do they mean by “church?”

Most of us have assumptions in mind when we use the term “church.”  Some may think of local churches while others think of the universal church.  Some may think of denominations.  While most of us don’t define church as a building, we still tend to talk about “where we go to church” as if church is a location or event.  In the midst of the criticism of what is wrong with contemporary churches, there is a growing tendency to define church with the term “community.”  However, is it just an amorphous spiritual community?  What does it look like in local manifestations?  Does it have organization, membership, and leadership?  As you listen to people refer to church, consider from where are their definition or assumptions coming, particularly what parts of Scripture are being used and which parts are being neglected?
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