Exponential 2011: Key Questions #4 & #5

Key Question #4: Where do they focus on leadership development?

Perhaps the question of where should be preceded by the question of if. Do they even have leadership in view? In the trend to focus on good things, such as community life and giftedness, some have intentionally or unintentionally disregarded leadership. If they do address leadership, where do they see leadership being developed? Is a formal institution like a seminary or Bible college assumed to be the normal place for leadership development? Or do they focus more on forms of on-the-job-experience? Further, is leadership something that can be developed in nearly anyone? Or is leadership development something that is construed primarily in terms of other things such as giftedness and fruitfulness?

Key Question #5: What do they mean by discipleship?

When someone refers to discipleship, they usually have some core things in mind. Are those core things mostly about knowledge, character, or behavior? Are they mostly about rules, principles, or worldview? They also usually have some core Scripture passages in mind. What are those passages and do you think that these are passages that the biblical author’s intended to be normative regarding discipleship? In other words, would the apostles recognize their emphasis as fitting with their imperatives about “passing on the deposit” or “the teaching?” You may also want to think about the process of discipleship. Does it lead to spiritual maturity in an explicit manner that measureable and attainable?
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