Exponential 2011: Key Question #3

Key Question #3: How do they picture Jesus?

Everyone points to Jesus as our model, but what does that Jesus look like? Here are some common recent images of Jesus, even though they aren’t always labeled as explicitly: Jesus CEO is like a business owner using lots of modern business and entrepreneurial skills; Jesus Servant-Leader with the emphasis mostly on the servant side; Jesus the Radical who is characterized more by the dynamic of stirring things up than any particular substance that is worthy of stirring things up for; and more. What form of biblical support do they use for their images of Jesus? How much is really just proof-texting? Ironically, one’s image of Jesus is really a mirror of one’s own values more than the product of careful Bible study. Here are a few biblical points of reference to help you compare how they picture Jesus. How does it compare with the description of Jesus that we get from the kerygmatic sermons of the apostles in Acts? How does it compare to the four portraits we are given in the Gospels?
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