Making Progress Toward Graduation – Academic Progress Requirements

BILD Cloud is very transparent regarding what work has been submitted by students as evidence of competency, as well as initial assessment by Certified Leaders and validation assessment by Associate Faculty. The Antioch School has established Academic Progress Requirements to indicate the minimum that is expected of a student. These requirements are not an indication of the pace to complete a program quickly. Rather, these requirements help to provide accountability to keep you going toward our common goal of graduation.

One of the best features of competency-based education is the flexibility of the content and timing of what you submit as evidence of competency. However, the flexibility of timing may also be a trap for some Antioch School students who let too much time pass without posting evidence of competency. In order to provide accountability, we have academic progress requirements regarding the timing for students to demonstrate minimum amounts of evidence of competency. See below for the full statement of requirements.

Progress arrows

Please note that it is not our intention to penalize anyone for the flexibility of competency-based education. If you have a good reason for not having met the academic progress requirements, please let us know. The requirements and academic probation warnings are intended to help you make progress, particularly if you need the accountability.

* Academic progress requirements include:

Assignment or Course Deadline
SIMA Autobiographical Form within 3 months of admission
SIMA MAP Response each 12 month period
LifeN Plan (or annual revision) each 12 month period
Personal Development Assessment Quaterly Reports each 12 month period
Competency for a Leadership Series Course ** within 12 months of admission, then each 6 month period until all are done
Initial Integrated Ministry Plan ***

  • Interim Plan
  • Future Plan
24 months of admission

  • within 36 months
  • within 48 monhts
Ministry Practicum Report each 6 month period until all are done
Teaching Practicum Report each 12 month period until all are done

If you have not yet activated your BILD Cloud account and started to use your portfolio, please visit the Help Center for tutorials.


* Update: as of 8/09/16, this chart and article were revised to reflect the current May 2016 Handbook.

** There are times when students need to move through the courses at a slower pace while still showing progress on elements of the program. If this is your circumstance, please contact us.

*** If you have a good reason for completing Leadership Series courses at a slower pace, the deadlines for Ministry Strategy Plans can be adjusted.