“Survey Says . . .”

Certified Leaders and Antioch School students were surveyed in January 2013 to help us gather data and reflect on our service.  Here are the results.

Completion Rate: 

  • 91% of the Antioch School students who took Leadership Series courses in 2012 completed them.

The rate was lowest for the first three courses (Acts, Pauline Epistles, and Essentials of Sound Doctrine), probably because students are still determining whether the program is really for them.  Rates are highest for the courses taken later in the program.  This means that once students get rolling in the program, they are even more likely to complete courses.

See below for comments from the Certified Leader Survey.

Student Satisfaction:

  • 87% said that they achieved the goals they had when they started the course.
  • 95% said they would recommend the course to a friend.
  • 93% said that they were satisfied with the course.

The data on student satisfaction can be a bit confusing.  For instance, it is possible for students not to achieve their goals for a course because their goals were not well-matched to the course.  We think the 93% satisfaction rate and the 95% recommendation rate are very encouraging.

The following comments were taken from the surveys submitted by Certified Leaders of Antioch School programs:

Many Certified Leaders made simple, positive comments, such as:

  • “Enjoyed them tremendously.”
  • “The courses are great.”
  • “Excellent!”
  • “Love them, very well done.”
  • “Great material.”
  • “We are enjoying them thoroughly.”
  • “Great tools!”
  • “The courses are awesome.”

Others offered more explanation with their appreciation:

  • “Series is excellent because it is a serious attempt to build concepts from biblical data; and students are responding well to the curriculum.”
  • “Those taking the courses are benefitting and dedicated to the coursework.”
  • “I have appreciated them. They have been a great benefit to our church, especially to the existing leadership. The more of them I lead the more excited I get about how our church and leaders can develop.”
  • “The courses are very thorough and comprehensive. They demand and deliver disciplined reflection and understanding.”
  • “Finding the courses of great benefit in our church planting from our local church.”
  • “Excellent and difficult.  Work is great.  Great practical teaching.”
  • “Appreciating the way Leadership 1 builds a ministry platform at the same time preparing the Trainee for Leadership 2 and doing the our theology in culture.”
  • “Good content, effective methodology for actual learning & appropriately challenging.”

Some focused their comments on particular courses, both in appreciation and concern:

  • “The course on Shepherding is an exceptional study. . . . The Preaching study does not have the great impact of the others.”
  •  “The Shepherding course is excellent and is helping us re-think our approach in training existing and emerging small group leaders.”
  • “The Essentials Course seemed too much material to cover in a 15-week time span and it assumed a lot of knowledge about church history on the part of the participants.”
  • “There is a little frustration with not having the Kevin Giles readings in the Theological Reader for the Leader in the Early Church course.”

And some focused on issues related to format:

  • “Would be great when these are made digitally available.”
  •  “Are the materials being updated?”
  • “We’d love to have the binders in electronic format and some of the readings updated.”
  • “It would be nice to find a way to periodically update readings, perhaps electronically.”
  • “The e-portfolio is the most confusing part of the Courses, both to students and to leaders.”

Please note that your concerns are our concerns.  We are designing the next generation of our e-Portfolio that will have many more features and be much more user-friendly.  And we are committed to making our resources available digitally and updating the Theological Readers (though our goal is not necessarily to include the “latest stuff” or to deliver content through the chapters and articles, but to include those that give excellent perspective and insight related to your own study of the text, interaction as a ministry team, and building your ministry plan).  We always welcome your suggestions for material that you think would be good in our courses.