News & Opportunities: August 2010

4 Ways to Offer Degrees and Credits

4 Ways to Earn Degrees and CreditIn our effort to enhance our service to partner churches, the Antioch School now offers 4 Ways to earn degrees and credit.

4 Ways to Earn Degrees and Credits:

  • Start a Degree Program
  • Start a Certificate of Ministry Program
  • Earn Credit for Individual Courses
  • Complete Your Degree

Launch Your Program This Fall

Certification DiplomaIf you want to launch Antioch School degree programs this fall, but are not already certified to do so, you have several upcoming opportunities:

  • Hartford, CT – August 16-18
  • Ames, IA – September 13-15
  • Seattle, WA    – September 27-29

If you are already certified (or cannot participate in a scheduled Initial Certified Leader Training), please call 515-292-9694 or email us to address how you can launch a program this fall.

eLuncheons, Webinars, and eTraining

Computer ScreenLearn more about the Antioch School (or share it with others) by taking advantage of our daily eLuncheon introductions and weekly Webinar orientations.

  • eLuncheon-a 40-minute multimedia conversation that explains the basic features of the Antioch School.
  • Webinar-a 4-hour multimedia conversation that carefully explores the biblical and practical distinctives of the Antioch School.

Register for an eLuncheon or Webinar

We also offer ongoing training for our Certified Leaders and others using BILD resources.

  • eTraining–September 7-8,  Old Testament Theology: The Law

Register for eTraining

Accreditation Announcement in Christianity Today

Christianity Today AdThe accreditation of the Antioch School was announced in an ad on page 63 of the August 2010 issue of Christianity Today.

We were granted accreditation on June 4.  This means that we are the first truly church-based and competency-based institution to receive accreditation by an agency recognized by the Council on Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) and the U.S. Department of Education (USDE).

Benefits of Accreditation:

  • Third party assurance of the quality of the Antioch School. Although we are unique in many ways, we have been recognized for the quality of our programs and integrity of our operations.
  • Transfer credit and recognition of degrees by other academic institutions has been streamlined.  Every school can decide for itself how it wants to recognize credit and degrees of other institutions.  However, most rely on a book called Directory of Higher Education Institutions published by CHEA.  The Antioch School will be listed in the next edition this fall.