e-Workshops: Now Open to Students

For several years, we have offered weekly e-Workshops to Certified Leaders of Antioch School programs. Topics range from specific areas of Antioch School programs (Practicum) to skills in using BILD resources (Socratic discussion). See the complete list below.

Now, rather than restrict these to Certified Leaders, we are opening them up to students and others in churches and ministries offering Antioch School programs. We think that this will greatly enhance the support we can provide you and your students.

You can find a complete list of upcoming e-Workshops and register through our “Web Conferencing Center.” Descriptions and further detail regarding each workshop are available on our Antioch School website.

Here is a complete list:

  • SIMA ® MAP ®
  • Startup Solutions
  • “Integrated Core” General Education Courses
  • Personal Development Plans/LifeN
  • Program Design
  • Accreditation
  • Student Finances
  • BILD Cloud e-Portfolio Orientation
  • Socratic Discussion
  • Practicum Design
  • Mentor Training
  • Assessment of Leadership Series Courses
  • Global Partnerships
  • Personal Development Assessment

Please note that these e-Workshops use WebEx technology.  You will need to download the Webex software in order to participate.  Also, please try to use a headset with microphone to increase the quality of the e-Workshop experience for you and others.