3 Easy Ways to Learn More

We are pleased to announce the launch of 3 different tools that make it even easier for you to learn more about the Antioch School and help you introduce it to others. We have created several tools that allow us to come to you via web-conferencing.

E-Luncheons are 40-minute online versions of what we do when we come to specific locations to introduce the Antioch School to groups, often during a luncheon. Sorry, but there is no food served at an e-luncheon. Register for an e-luncheon.

Webinars are 4 hour online versions of our more comprehensive Antioch School introductory seminars. Like the e-luncheons, webinars are interactive, using online video segments and live interaction with Antioch School staff. Register for a Webinar.

E-Workshops are 1 hour online events for leaders of Antioch School programs addressing issues of general importance, such as Student Finance (what do you do when someone says he wants to enroll in the Antioch School, but can’t afford it right now?). These include presentations by Antioch School staff, but also shared wisdom from partners with first-hand experience with Antioch School programs in their churches. E-Workshops are intended exclusively for certified leaders of Antioch School partners. If you are a certified leader and aren’t getting invitations or if you have suggestions for e-workshops that would serve you, please contact us.