Serving an Urban Center: Interview with Emory Brown

Emory Brown is Pastor of Refreshing Springs Church in Buffalo, NY, but he also leads the BILD effort to provide church-based theological education for the entire city of Buffalo. In many ways, Emory is ahead of the curve. He has explored many things in life and ministry preparation, but found satisfaction when his own development became truly rooted in his own church. This video allows Emory to tell his own story, explain his perspective, and offer thoughts related to what it means to do church-based theological education for the entire church of Buffalo.

Emory is not trying to build a campus for a traditional Bible college or seminary and he is not even trying to start a Buffalo extension site of the Antioch School. Rather, along with Larry Wolf and the Sundoulos ministry team, he is trying to establish a resource center as part of his church that will help church leaders be equipped to build church-based theological education in their own churches and church networks. His vision never loses sight of the centrality of churches and church leaders in the training of their existing and emerging leaders.

If you are in the Buffalo area (extended from Erie, PA to Syracuse, NY) or just want to explore more about something you see in the video, you may email Emory.

If you have a similar vision for your urban center, please send us an email.